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    EOI For LNG Tank

    As part of continuing efforts to develop Singapore as an LNG trading hub, SLNG will be able to construct another LNG storage tank at the Terminal and is keen to explore interest in the market to underpin this facility. SLNG is thus seeking non-binding Expressions of Interest (EOI) from interested parties (“Bidders”) for the use of this new tank, in order to assess the market demand for such additional infrastructure.

    The EOI should contain an indicative price offer (in USD) and a proposal for how the tank could be used, and SLNG’s preferred terms will form the key basis for considering any proposal. However, SLNG is also open to considering alternative proposals and different structures, so long as they meet SLNG’s objectives. Successful Bidders will be invited to participate in a full Request For Proposal (“RFP”) to be issued by SLNG at a later date, subject to the prior approval of the Energy Market Authority of Singapore (“the Authority”). Any submitted proposal will be shared with the Authority.

    Please click here for further details. If you have queries or require clarifications regarding this EOI, please drop us an email at SnR@SLNGCorp.com