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Storage & Reload Service

To facilitate the growth of Singapore as an LNG trading hub, SLNG offers the Storage & Reload Service (S&R) as one of its ancillary services. An S&R customer would be able to berth an LNG vessel at SLNG’s Terminal to unload a quantity of LNG and store it for a period of time, and then reload the LNG cargo onto one or more LNG vessels for delivery to another destination. An S&R customer may use SLNG’s storage facilities for seasonal or other commercial arrangements, including break-bulk.

SLNG is currently able to provide 180,000 cubic metres of storage capacity on a segregated basis, of which 160,000 cubic metres is for firm LNG storage and 20,000 cubic metres for non-firm LNG storage, for a term of 24 months starting from mid-August 2017. Interested parties are requested to submit detailed proposals, including the pricing structures (one for firm and another for non-firm storage capacity) and the utilisation of storage capacity (i.e. number of unload/reload cargoes expected) during the term. SLNG will shortlist potential S&R customers and will notify parties that have submitted proposals to SLNG of the status of their proposals in due course. Whilst SLNG is open to different commercial arrangements, proposals that best meet SLNG’s indicated specifications above will be considered more favourably.

All proposals should be sent via email to CommOps@SLNGCorp.com by 28 April 2017, 11.59pm (Singapore time). SLNG will treat all proposals received as confidential. SLNG may at any time request additional information, clarification or confirmation with respect to any item contained in a proposal.

Interested parties may contact Tan Yeong Wei / Vivien Chin at CommOps@SLNGCorp.com for further clarifications and discussions.