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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

SLNG has a Corporate Governance Framework that includes a Code of Ethics which sets the standards for ethical and professional conduct of all SLNG employees. This Code of Ethics serves to guide and facilitate decisions that are consistent with SLNG’s Values, business goals, as well as legal and policy obligations.

The key elements of our Code of Ethics include:

Conflicts of Interest

A Conflict of Interest occurs when an Employee’s actions or private interests interfere, or appear to interfere, with SLNG’s interests. It can arise not only when an Employee personally benefits, but also when an Employee’s family member or an entity with which an Employee has ties, stands to benefit. SLNG expects its Employees to act in SLNG’s best interests at all times.

Gifts and Entertainment

Employees should not provide or accept gifts or entertainment under circumstances that are unlawful, or might be perceived to compromise any decision by SLNG, or might otherwise appear to be an attempt to improperly influence a decision which affects SLNG.


Employees should maintain and protect Confidential Information about customers, colleagues, suppliers, stakeholders and/or SLNG’s business and financial affairs, except where disclosure is required in the discharge of their duties or required by law. In such cases, Employees will ensure they have followed appropriate business protocols and/or taken appropriate advice from Legal prior to disclosing Confidential Information.

Corporate Citizenship

Employees are expected, at all times, to be aware of and to advance the objectives and Values of SLNG. In this regard, Employees are expected to be committed to deliver shareholder value; maintain high standards of service quality and work efficiency; properly manage risk for and on behalf of the Company; and always conduct themselves in a manner that is professional and respectable and to avoid promulgating any information that is deceptive, misleading or otherwise unfair.

Proper Use of Company’s Assets and Information

Employees shall not misuse, waste or steal SLNG’s assets, and shall exercise diligence to protect SLNG’s assets from the same. These assets include Company property assigned to Employees, systems, information, intellectual property and networks. Employees shall only use SLNG’s assets in a manner consistent with its business purposes or as authorised by SLNG; and in accordance with SLNG’s information technology management guidelines.

Compliance with Laws and Policies

Employees shall, at all times, familiarise themselves and comply with SLNG’s internal policies and processes; and abide by applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Delegation of Authority

The SLNG Board of Directors delegates the responsibility of managing the business and affairs of SLNG to the Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer in turn delegates to other levels of management, certain rights to make operational and financial decisions within defined limits. The rules that govern this system are recorded in SLNG’s Delegation of Authority. Employees shall only act within the Delegation of Authority rules and any authority that may be specifically given to them as a Delegated Authority holder.


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