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Maintenance Technician (Mechanical)

Ref Code: 2012OP-MT | Closing date: 2021-03-31 Jurong Island

General Overview

The position is part of the maintenance team who oversees safe and effective performance of all rotating and static equipment maintenance services at the LNG Terminal. The incumbent shall support the handover of equipment and facilities during the pre-commissioning phase and ensure that the equipment and facilities meet required performance standard for operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Roles & Responsibilities
  1. Carry out all preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance as directed by the Supervisor and clear completed work from the CMMS data base.

  2. Responsible for the proper maintenance on various rotating and static equipment and systems including the plant piping systems and structural support systems.

  3. Response and resolve work orders for any mal-functioning for static and rotating equipment in the facility. Ensure minimum down time or timely repairs of production equipment

  4. Determine materials, spares, tools and method required to complete maintenance task safely.

  5. Plan and execute machinery condition monitoring and field data collection with production team and engineers. 

  6. Ensure all plant valves are fully operational and all mechanical components properly grease and lubricated where applicable, including carry out, strip, redress and rebuild of various types of control and plant valves.

  7. Supervise and work closely with in-house contractor and equipment vendor to execute maintenance work at the terminal. Ensure safeguards are followed such as valid work permit are issued, wearing prescribed personal protection equipment etc...

  8. Liaise with production team with all aspects of mechanical system testing, running, trouble-shooting, carry out material specification checks on all installed piping components such as gasket, bolts, etc.

  9. Able to take on additional tasks or responsibilities as assigned by superiors

  10. Participate in emergency response procedures and assigned to any specific roles and responsibilities for such purpose.

Work Experience
  1. Minimum of 3-5 years practical experience in the oil and petrochemical refinery.

  2. Experience in hands-on troubleshooting of mechanical/ machinery systems, knowledge of cryogenic hydrocarbon plant or LNG facilities are preferred.

  3. Proficient in usage of Microsoft Office and trained in the use of the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

  4. Ability to speak, write and communicate effectively in English.

  5. In addition, the successful candidate should possess the following personal attributes:

    1. A team player who can work well in a team and with good listening skills

    2. High self-motivation with the ability to work with minimal supervision and adapt to changing priorities and assignments.

    3. Willing to take up new challenges and responsibilities

    4. Fast learner

    5. Experience in application of e-permits

    6. Preparation of Maintenance Checklist

    7. Preparation of MSRA for application of permits

    8. Coordination with external parties (contractors, regulators etc.)



1. The candidate must have a Professional Certificate/NiTEC, Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical/ Mechatronic/ Electromechanical) or equivalent.

Performance Criteria
  1. Able to carry out day-to-day assigned tasks with minimum supervision.

  2. Able to interpret / translate procedure/checklist and perform maintenance work.

  3. Provide timely feedback to supervisors on maintenance status and unresolved problems areas.

  4. Able to input maintenance activities , equipment history and work completion into CMMS

If you are interested to join our team, please send your detailed resume, with current and expected salary, to Please indicate the position you are applying for in the subject heading.


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