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Our Vision and Core Values


Singapore LNG Corporation Pte Ltd (SLNG) was incorporated in June 2009 to develop, build, own and operate Singapore’s first LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Terminal on Jurong Island. This is a key national infrastructure that supports Singapore's energy diversification strategy and the future development of its energy sector.

The Terminal began commercial operations on 7 May 2013, and currently operates with three storage tanks of 180,000 cubic metres capacity each; a fourth storage tank of 260,000 cubic metres capacity (deemed the largest in the world); two jetties that are able to accommodate a wide range of LNG ships (up to the largest Q-Max ships); and a throughput capacity of around 11 Mtpa.

Beyond its primary mandate to provide Throughput (Send-out) Services for the domestic market, SLNG also offers ancillary services such as Vessel Cool-down, Storage & Reload (including for Small-Scale LNG), LNG Transhipment and LNG Truck Loading.

Our Vision

SLNG's Vision is to be a World-Class Terminal Operator enabling the growth of the Energy Market and LNG Hub in Singapore.

Our Core Values

Core Value Tagline Description


Protecting people, assets and the environment Provide a safe working environment for everyone, and safeguard our assets and the environment.


Working efficiently and effectively with one another to achieve common goals Foster cohesiveness amongst team members and maximise the strengths of each person to deliver results.


Valuing diversity and nurturing harmonious relationships Show consideration, support, care and regard for people and their opinions. Treat each other courteously and graciously.


Taking responsibility for actions and outcomes Have the courage to do the right thing. Be honest, ethical and trustworthy in dealings with internal and external parties.


Striving to be the best in whatever we do Go the extra mile to deliver quality work. We will all do our part to ensure business delivery and fulfilment of our commitments.


Taking the initiative to explore new opportunities and ideas Be willing to undertake new projects and responsibilities, and to consider new ideas.