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Potential New Businesses

Image Courtesy of Quintero LNG

SLNG will continue to leverage on Singapore’s strategic location and world-class infrastructure to explore the creation of additional services and grow new business opportunities across and along the gas value chain.

Besides Throughput Services, SLNG is already offering or exploring the possibility of offering other terminal services such as Cool-down, Storage & Reload, and Storage & Send-out services.

Depending on the business opportunities available in the future, SLNG may consider installing additional facilities at the terminal to capitalise on synergies with the existing infrastructure and enable new services to be introduced. These new business opportunities may include:

  • Cold Energy Utilisation Services – to provide a load cooling service to industrial customers, using ‘cold’ energy from the terminal’s regasification process
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Terminal – to install an LPG import/storage facility for distribution to the local market
  • LNG Trucking – to enable LNG road tankers to be loaded at the terminal so that LNG can be transported overland to various parts of Singapore that may be constrained by the Singapore Gas Network.