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Terminal Facts & Figures

LNG Terminal General Flow

Key Equipment Capacities

LNG Storage Tanks 3 x 180,000 m3, 1 x 260,000 m3, Full Containment type.
(800,000 m3 total storage capacity)
Primary Jetty Designed for 120,000 m3 to 265,000 m3 LNG carriers
Secondary Jetty Designed for 60,000 m3 to 265,000 m3 LNG carriers. Modified to also reload 2,000 m3 to 10,000 m3 carriers.
Tertiary Jetty Designed for 10,000 m3 to 40,000 m3 LNG carriers, but only civil structure completed. Topsides to be installed if there is viable business case.
Unloading/Reloading Facilities 4 x 16” Marine Loading Arms per jetty.
(2 x liquid, 1 x vapour return, 1 x hybrid)
Unloading/Reloading Rate 14,000 m3/h and 12,000 m3/h, respectively.
Pumps Tanks 1 to 3 : 3 x in-tank Low Pressure Send-out Pumps and 2 x Reloading Pumps
Tank 4 : 3 x in-tank Low Pressure Send-out Pumps and 4 x Reloading Pumps
11 x High Pressure Booster Pumps for send-out at ~45 barg pressure
Vapour Handling System 2 x Recondenser
4 x Boil-off Gas Compressors
LNG Vapourisers 7 x Seawater Open Rack Vapourisers 
2 x Submerged Combustion Vapourisers
LNG Truck Loading Facility 1 x Pilot LNG Truck Loading Bay designed for LNG trucks of up to 50 m3, with a maximum loading rate of 50 m3/h