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Terminal Facts & Figures

LNG Terminal General Flow

Key Equipment Capacities

LNG Storage Tanks 3 x 188,000 m3 (540,000 m3 total LNG working capacity)
Jetty Designed for 120,000 m3 to 265,000 m3 LNG carriers
Unloading facilities 4 x 16” loading arms (2 x liquid, 1 x vapour return, 1 x dual service)
Unloading rate 12,000 m3 of LNG per hour
Reloading facilities 8,000 m3 of LNG per hour capacity initially
Pumps 3 x in-tank Low Pressure pumps per LNG tank for LNG send-out
2 x LNG Reloading Pumps per LNG tank
6 x High Pressure LNG Booster Pumps for send-out at 40 bar pressure
Vapour Handling System 1 x Recondenser
3 x combined Boil Off Gas / Booster Compressors
LNG Vapourisers 3 x seawater Open Rack Vapourisers and
1 x Submerged Combustion Vapouriser