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Welcome to the SLNG Media Library. If you wish to use any of the images or videos featured in this library in your publications or reports, please email your request to Enquiries@SLNGCorp.com, providing details of the purpose and context in which the requested image or video will be used.

Please note that explicit written consent from SLNG is required before reproducing, publishing or using any of the images or videos from this Media Library, in any form or manner.
All images/videos reproduced should be credited as: Image/Video courtesy of Singapore LNG Corporation Pte Ltd.


Main Gate
Tank 1 & Primary Jetty
Marine Loading Arms
Tanks 1 & 2
Tanks 1 & 2
Tanks 1 to 4
Full Terminal
Tanks & Primary Jetty
Tank 4
LNG Truck Loading Bay
Open Rack Vapourisers
Metering Skid
Send-out Pipes
Main Control Building Murals
Small Scale Reload
Maintenance Warehouse


New SLNG Corporate Video
SLNG’s Truck Loading Facility
Development of SLNG Terminal