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Looking Forward

Looking Forward

The LNG Eco-system

More than an LNG terminal operator, SLNG is stepping up to be a catalyst for a vibrant, coherent, national-level LNG strategy for Singapore. We are strong advocates for the development of a progressive LNG eco-system with key partners and stakeholders, in Singapore and beyond.

In this regard, we are prepared to go beyond the physical boundaries of our Terminal to look at new and innovative ways of using LNG. We are keen to work with regulatory authorities and engage in cross-industry dialogues to develop new initiatives; explore new approaches; strengthen existing offerings; build the required human capital; and grow the LNG eco-system.


LNG Trading

To facilitate more LNG trading activities, up to four more LNG storage tanks can be added, to bring the total maximum storage capacity at the Terminal to around 1.68 million m3.

SLNG will continue to closely engage with interested parties in the market, to bring LNG storage infrastructure projects into fruition.

Small-scale LNG & LNG Bunkering

To help uphold Singapore’s status as the world’s top bunkering port and to catalyse the growing small-scale LNG market in the region, we may install up to four additional LNG truck loading bays and build-out the topsides on our Tertiary Jetty to berth LNG Bunker Vessels, and small to mid-scale LNG carriers of up to 80,000m3 in capacity.

In particular, SLNG is exploring cross-industry collaborations with key stakeholders to make Singapore an attractive location for LNG bunkering. This may involve establishing new infrastructure at key locations to allow ships calling at our port to carry out LNG bunkering cost-effectively, efficiently and without delaying or disrupting shipping operations.

Cold Energy

The Terminal’s LNG regasification process presents the possibility of harnessing cold energy to enhance the Terminal’s energy efficiency, and for other uses.

For example, SLNG is collaborating with the National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Engineering and Keppel Data Centres Holdings Pte Ltd to develop a novel, energy-efficient and cost-effective cooling technology for data centres.


SLNG is also exploring other ways of tapping into the Terminal’s capabilities to promote the use of alternative energy sources for greater sustainability.

To capture the opportunities offered by low-carbon alternatives, SLNG is collaborating with PSA Corporation Limited, Jurong Port Pte Ltd, City Gas Pte Ltd, Sembcorp Industries Ltd, Chiyoda Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation to develop ways to utilise hydrogen as a green energy source. This involves research and development of technologies related to the importation, transportation and storage of hydrogen.


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