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Throughput Services

Throughput Services

SLNG’s core business is to provide Throughput (Send-out) Services for the domestic market. There are currently 5 licenced LNG importers in Singapore, namely Shell Gas Marketing Pte Ltd (formerly known as BG Singapore Gas Marketing Pte Ltd); Shell Eastern Trading (Pte) Ltd; Pavilion Energy Singapore Pte Ltd (formerly known as Pavilion Gas Pte Ltd); ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd; and SembCorp Fuels (Singapore) Pte Ltd. The end users are mainly the power generation companies in Singapore.

Throughput Services include the berthing and unloading of LNG carriers, storage and regasification of LNG, and the send-out of regasified LNG to end users, via the Singapore Gas Grid.

Berthing of LNG carriers at the LNG terminal

Unloading of LNG cargo from carriers at the terminal

Temporary storage of LNG

Regasification of LNG

Send-out of regasified LNG into the downstream gas pipeline network.


The Singapore LNG Terminal's tariffs for Throughput Services are regulated by the Energy Market Authority (EMA). Our tariffs for Throughput Services related to long term and short term gas sales agreements are, at present, the same. However, in the future, tariffs for Throughput Services related to short term gas sales agreements may be different from those related to long term gas sales agreements.

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