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SLNG Terminal Overview

SLNG Terminal Overview

Located on a 40-hectare plot at the southern-most tip of Jurong Island, the SLNG Terminal contributes to our Nation’s energy security by ensuring uninterrupted send-out of natural gas for domestic consumption, which is mainly in power generation. This is our primary mandate.

The SLNG Terminal began commercial operations in May 2013 and currently operates with two jetties, three storage tanks of 180,000m3 each, a fourth storage tank of 260,000m3 (one of the largest in the world). It has an annualised average gas supply capacity of 9 Mtpa with a peak capacity of around 11 Mtpa. The Terminal is able to accommodate a wide range of LNG vessels, from 2,000 m3 to 265,000 m3 (the largest Q-Max LNG carriers) in capacity.

Presently, the Terminal supplies about 50% of Singapore’s total natural gas demand for power generation, with the remaining supplied by pipeline gas. If required, the Terminal has sufficient capacity to support all of Singapore’s power generation needs, based on current demand.

SLNG is looking at sustainable approaches to ensure that we continue to not just meet, but exceed our energy security mandate. This includes creating significant new opportunities for LNG domestically and beyond, as well as exploring the use of sustainable alternatives such as ammonia or hydrogen.


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