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SLNG is about more than just LNG.

As we make progress in Catalysing New Possibilities in the Energy Transition, we will also explore and support the adoption of newer, more sustainable sources of energy. We are committed to doing our part to help fight climate change and promote environmental sustainability. We believe we have a responsibility to help build a better energy future for the people, in Singapore and beyond.

We have developed a Green Strategy which, among other things, aims to achieve carbon neutrality for our Terminal operations. For a start, we have installed solar panels on the rooftops of several buildings at the SLNG Terminal, which will generate a portion of the power used by the Terminal and has the potential to help SLNG avoid hundreds of tons of carbon dioxide emissions, annually.

We are also actively exploring ways to catalyse the use of LNG and other green energy alternatives, such as looking into collaborations to develop new infrastructure in Singapore to promote the use of LNG as a cleaner marine fuel; and working with various partners to develop technologies related to the importation, transportation and storage of Hydrogen.


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